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Kids in National Parks

Whether the idea of taking your children out into nature fills you with a sense of excited anticipation or nervous dread, one thing is certain – today, more than ever, we are well aware of the benefits of childhood contact with nature.
For hints and tips on how to share the wonderful experience that national parks have to offer, download our new Getting Kids into National Parks guide.
If you live in South East Queensland, choose from 84 walks for young children in the Getting Kids into National Parks series 1: SEQ

For people in other parts of Queensland, keep an eye out for upcoming releases of other regions.

Stay in touch via Facebook and Neck of the Woods for further updates and ideas on enjoying bush adventures with children.

LINKING THEORY AND CHILDRENS' EXPERIENCE: Researchers have been examining the different ways that contact with nature can contribute to the health and well-being of children. The role that nature plays in children acquiring an appreciation of the environment has been highlighted, and how it leads to developing the ability to feel and express concern for other species.

This concept is explored further in an article that links the theory with the reality of children’s experiences. Read the article, including interviews with two children, aged 9 and 6 years of age, to gain a child’s perspective on why national parks are important.