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Media Statements


Integrity of national system protected by new nature conservation legislation (contribution to Minister Miles media release) – May 2016



Conservation Groups reaffirm support for Government Bill to end sand mining 2019

(joint release with TWS, AMCS, WPSQ, NPAQ) – May 2016


Redlands 2030 used some of the conservation group press release



It’s time to stop grazing in national parks – February 2016



End of sand mining presents positive economic future for North Stradbroke Island

(joint release with TWS, AMCS, WPSQ, NPAQ) – December 2016



Benefits of national parks (published in Courier Mail) – January 2015



Zip-line threatens koalas in Kondalilla National Park - May 2014



Old fashioned Prime Minister short-sighted on national parks (National Parks Australia Council) – March 2014



Are our national parks too popular for their own good? – January 2014



Grazing set to continue in 8 National Park Reserves – October 2013