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Protected magazine

NPAQ's bi-monthly magazine, Protected has in-depth articles on national parks and conservation as well as regular features focusing on an individual Queensland parks, a walk within our parks and a particular wildlife species or ecosystem that benefits from the protected area estate. The National Park Experience offers personal reflection on why our parks must be valued and we also currently turn the spotlight onto a QPWS ranger every issue. 

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Issue 18 - World Heritage, the most highly protected areas (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018)


Previous issues:

Issue 17 - Commercial developments in national parks (October-November 2017)

Issue 16 - Coral Sea Reserve cutbacks (August-September 2017)

Issue 15 - Cyclone Debbie's impact on parks (June - July 2017)

Issue 14 - State of the Park 2017 (April - May 2017)

Issue 13 - The benefits of citizen science (February - March 2017)

Issue 12 - Management planning (December 2016 - January 2017)

Issue 11 - Understanding extinction (October-November 2016)

Issue 10 - Habitat fragmentation (August-September 2016)

Issue 9 - Conservation vs visitation (June-July 2016)

Issue 8 - Threatened species (April-May 2016)

Issue 7 - State of the Park 2016 (February-March 2016)

Issue 6 - Horse riding in national parks (December 2015 - January 2016)          

Issue 5 - Bees in national parks (October-November 2015)

Issue 4 - Reinstating true national parks (August-September 2015)

Issue 3 - Cape York national parks (June-July 2015)

Issue 2 - Buffel grass (April-May 2015)

Issue 1 - State of the Park (February-March 2015)

Interested in contributing to Protected?

NPAQ invites contributions of articles and/or photographs for Protected. Please email for a schedule of future editions or to submit an outline of your proposed submission, along with your contact details and brief personal summary. Article can be submitted via email or hard copy. Digital photos should be minimum 300dpi.

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Please contact our offices on 07 3367 0878 or for information about advertising in Protected magazine.


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Interested in advertising in Protected?

Please contact our offices on 07 3367 0878 or for information about advertising in Protected magazine.