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Our Mission

The Association will promote the preservation, expansion, good management and presentation of National Parks in Queensland.

The expression "National Parks" shall include other protected areas and related reserves, both terrestrial and marine.


  1. To preserve intact in their natural condition, to the greatest possible extent, the existing National Parks of Queensland, and endeavour to ensure the reservation and preservation of other areas thought to be suitable as National Parks.
  2. To educate its members and the public to a fuller appreciation of the necessity for and value of National Parks.
  3. To promote the development and implementation of appropriate management plans for National Parks, and appropriate management of environmental factors which may affect existing and potential National Parks.
  4. To promote effective legislation in respect of National Parks and to ensure the enforcement of provisions for the protection of National Parks.
  5. To promote measures to allow visitors to have access for the purpose of experiencing National Parks in appropriate ways.
  6. To arrange and conduct field outings to allow members and guests to visit National Parks and areas which may be suitable for reservation as such.
  7. To keep members and the public informed on matters affecting National Parks.
  8. To form a link between the public and Government Agencies responsible for National Parks and other areas being considered for National Park status.
  9. To co-operate with persons or bodies having the same or similar objects.
  10. To raise and administer funds for furthering the objects of the Association, and to take all other steps necessary thereto.